Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A disgusting way of Branding - Journey to Indian local advertisement method

In our daily life we generally see the advertisement on print media(Like Newspaper, Magazine etc. ) or Electronic Media (Television advertisement, Internet) and many more way of advertising But something specially come to mind when we come to the information about way to advertise local business firm or product in India we see the way of branding in such a way that sometime after seeing we can't stop our self  to laugh or sometime get involved into problem. Let's talk with some examples-

During journey in train I think no one passenger can say that who have not seen the advertisement on the walls side nearby the railway track. Mostly the "The Hazmi Davakhana" I ever remember. I think It's the most effective and cheapest way of advertisement because as i know that everyday in all around India about as people travel as total of New Zealand and Australia.

Apart from that when we talk about the way of branding of local product sometime it makes laugh and sometime seems disgusting that is create problem. because until we get involved in problem we only laugh about that.

Mostly during journey we see that the notice board, they always full of poster instead of the information for which the board is there in the way. Like Direction board, public Notice board. Most of the time I saw Full full of the poster and seem like that there was no notice board before and now. When we have to know about information that have to be on board sometime get involved in problem or we got wrong information or incomplete information.

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